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USA AT&T iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 Unlock Clean IMEI Only

Model: 6,6Plus,5S,5C,5,4S,4 | Delivery Time: 1-3 days

IMEI: Clean

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4.79 (48 customer reviews)

Product Availability

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6Plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4



  • 6
  • 6Plus
  • 5S
  • 5C
  • 5
  • 4S
  • 4

Terms & Conditions

  • Overview
  • Supported Models
  • Raitings & Reviews
  • Eligibility For Unlock
  • Delivery and Refunds
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Tips Before Purchase:

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Fast unlock for Out of Contract iPhone [Check it]

*Use contract checker if you are not sure if your iPhone is still on or already out of contract.

  • Clean (not blacklisted) iPhone only [Check it]

*Use blacklist checker if you are not sure if your iPhone IMEI is clean or barred / blocked / blacklisted.

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within AT&T network meaning you have to connect to AT&T using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 80-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on AT&T account status of each device.

Attention: Because of new AT&T unlock policy this service might be delayed. Delivery times only apply during business hours on Monday - Friday, not guaranteed turnaround time. (Business time is 9 am – 6 pm PST).

iOS users who want to use their handset with different networks should unlock it. For example, you have AT&T iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4  you would love to use on O2 or you want AT&T iPhone to be used on T-Mobile network. This impossible until you order factory iPhone unlock which is affordable, quick, safe and proved to help thousands of people already.

The easiest and fastest way to unlock out of contract AT&T iPhones. But if your device is still in contract You can place an order too. You will be refunded if unlock of AT&T iPhone will fail because of the contract status.

This service supports only clean (not blacklisted) iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 locked to AT&T, the US network.. There is no Refund for the wrong service purchase or if iPhone is blacklisted.

Check twice all the information you provide to avoid any errors and mistakes, mistypes before confirming your order. No cancellation can be accepted after iPhone 6, 6S, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S IMEI unlock order is processed.

Please do not order if your iPhone has ever been sent to Apple Care / Technical Service or is a replacement unit.

Note that we work during business hours 9 AM – 6 PM PST from Monday to Friday.

Make sure you are providing correct mail address and IMEI number. It is better to add to your contact list to make sure our email gets delivered!

Supported Models

Models: Apple iPhone 6S Plus Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple iPhone 6S Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 5s Apple iPhone 5c Apple iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 4S Apple iPhone 4 Checkout supported models
iOS: iOS 9.1, iOS 9.0, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.0.1, iOS 7.1.2, iOS 7.1.1, iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5, iOS 7.0.4, iOS 7.0.3, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7, iOS 6.1.4, iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6.1.2, iOS 6.1.1, iOS 6.1, iOS 6.0.2, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.0, iOS 5.1.1, iOS 5.1, iOS 5.0.1, iOS 5.0, iOS 4.3.5, iOS 4.3.4, iOS 4.3.3, iOS 4.3.2, iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3, iOS 4.2.9, iOS 4.2.8, iOS 4.2.7, iOS 4.2.6, iOS 4.2.5, iOS 4.2.10, iOS 4.2.1, iOS 4.2, iOS 4.1, iOS 4.0.2, iOS 4.0.1, iOS 4.0, iOS 3.1, iOS 3.0.1, iOS 3.0, iOS 2.2.1, iOS 2.2, iOS 2.1, iOS 2.0.2, iOS 2.0.1 Checkout supported iOS versions
Basebands: 3.09.01 2.18.02 1.03.02 1.03.01 1.02.02 1.00.06 7.03.00 6.02.00 5.02.00 5.00.01 3.11.00 3.04.25 1.01.00 1.00.16 5.4.00 5.2.00 5.0.02 5.0.00 3.4.03 3.4.02 3.4.01 3.0.04 2.0.12 2.0.10 1.0.14 1.0.13 1.0.11 3.0.04 3.0.03 1.0.06 1.0.05 04.12.09 04.12.05 04.12.02 04.12.01 04.11.08 04.10.01 03.10.01 02.10.04 01.59.00 05.16.08 05.16.07 05.16.05 05.16.02 05.16.01 05.15.04 05.14.02 05.13.04 05.12.01 05.11.07 04.26.08 05.15.04 05.14.02 05.13.04 05.12.01 05.11.07 04.26.08 02.30.03 02.28.00 02.11.07 02.08.01 01.48.02 01.45.00 04.05.04_G 04.04.05_G 04.03.13_G 04.02.13_G 04.02.13_G 04.01.13_G 03.14.08_G 03.12.08_G 03.11.02_G 03.06.01_G Checkout supported modem firmwares

Customer Reviews See All

Your opinion and satisfaction are very important to us so we would appreciate feedback about your recent experience.

Based on your feedback we are able to improve our service. Thank you for taking time to share your impressions and thoughts with us!

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Overall Customer Raiting:


4.79 (48 customer reviews)

48 of customers would recommend this product to a friend

Mysterious GUY! :)

5 stars

Thanks guys to helping me!"" my dream iPhone is here ;) Tnx. a lot.... (y) :) (y)

Rolf Graauwmans

5 stars

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Great UNLOCK Wow!!!!, theses guys are great they helped me with my questions that I had before I did the unlock explaining things so that the unlock would work and boy did it work 9.99$ cheap and very professional. Make sure you answer there questions truly not to end up disappointed, very important.

Jaswick Cephas Old Harbour, GB

5 stars

Wow great unlocking!! For $9.99 its a steal, unlocking my phone was a breeze. Thanks great work

Angad Pasricha

5 stars

Excellent!! You can't go wrong. 100% authenticate i promise you. This website is 100% authenticate. You can't go wrong for paying a minimum of $10 for an ATT iphone 5 unlock. I received my unlock within 8 hours of the purchase. It is one simple process; you merely have to restore from itunes to acquire your unlock. What this server does is implant your IMEI in the whitelist of apple's database; thus, when your iphone is restoring, itunes is connected to this server and checks if your IMEI is whitelisted. And wallaa your iphone is unlocked. Definitely recommend this source to anyone.

Lisa P

5 stars

Fast Service! I ordered the $9.99 service, but my phone was unlocked in just over an hour. With a T-Mobile sim, I was able to access the cellular network settings on my AT&T phone to set up mms on my Straight Talk service. Now, I can send group texts and attach pictures in texts to non-iPhone friends. Thanks!


5 stars

Very quick service, 2 hours for AT&T 3GS iPhone, ulocked Very quick service, 2 hours for AT&T 3GS iPhone, ulocked, very satisfied, thank you so much, cheap, and quick, and 100% accurate.!! great job guys!

Eligibility For Unlock

iPhone Blacklist Checker

iPhone Network Checker

iPhone Contract Checker


Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

About iPhone Network Checker

It is not a problem if you don't know the carrier/network to which your iPhone is locked. You can always use iPhone network checker and get details in minutes. If your carrier is correct you are eligible for factory unlock because there is no refund for the wrong carrier purchase.

About iPhone Blacklist Checker

Unfortunately we are not able to unlock blacklisted iPhone (in most cases). That's why it is highly recommended to check if iPhone is clean or blacklisted before the purchase. We are not able to refund if the buyer purchased the service for clean iPhone and it was blacklisted. To make sure about the status of iPhone please use iPhone Blacklist status checker.

About iPhone Contract Checker

If the package requires out of contract iPhone it will work for out of contract models only. Make sure your device is out of contract before the purchase. To get such info please use iPhone contract checker

Delivery and Refunds


Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best service we can. After receiving your order, we strive our best to review it within 24 hours depending on the current amount of orders we have. Once unlocking process starts, we are no longer able to speed up or cancel/refund your order. We are waiting for the result which we will deliver to you.

We work with mobile carriers from all over the world and wait for their response on each unlocking request we get. In most cases, the process is completed successfully within the average delivery time we suggest. However, some factors do not depend on us. Sometimes, the carrier’s server doesn’t respond and we are not able to complete the order or, hardly ever, our server gets a cyber attack which slows down everything for a particular amount of time. Also mobile networks like to change the unlocking policy which can affect the unlocking process and have to resubmit it.

If you didn’t receive unlock in time, please, feel free to contact us. Our support team will do their best to help you. You are also advised to read the User Agreement where the terms about the delivery time are described in details, before you accept it.

Refund Policy

The full refund to unlock request is guaranteed only if the iPhone model, carrier, contract or blacklist status correspond to the package you have purchased while you received Unavailable code instead of becoming unlocked. It may take up to 7 business days for you to receive your money back in this case.

However, in some cases we are not able to refund the order. It happens if your order voids the User Agreement. It is highly recommended for each customer to read Refund Policy before making the purchase in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Thank you for choosing our company! We are glad to deliver the best service to each client without any issues.


How to unlock iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 AT&T with Clean IMEI

We offer a cheap unlocking package. The company will confirm this unlock and Apple database will have your device officially reported as forever “unlocked.” You will be able to make phone calls and send messages in any country across the globe.


  • Make sure you have Apple iPhone that is locked to AT&T U.S. carrier and activated with its network. You can run iPhone network checker to be sure in this.
  • iPhone needs to be activated before unlock. No refund for iOS 7 activation lock.
  • No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed.
  • This unlock is good for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5c/6S Plus/6.
  • You should have a clean IMEI to apply. This package doesn't bring unlock for blocked / blacklisted / barred AT&T iPhones. If you have such iPhone use another package for blacklisted AT&T iPhone. If you don't have such iPhone use iPhone blacklist status checker.
  • Read our Terms and Services after you read them carefully before you place your order for AT&T iPhone unlock.
  • We don’t refund for incorrect carrier order or for trying to unlock a blocked smartphone with blacklisted IMEI. If your device is locked to a different mobile operator, you can order other packages for iPhone unlock we offer.
  • Delivery occasions only apply throughout business hrs, not guaranteed turnaround time and there can be delays.

How to Get AT&T  iPhone (6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4) Unlock [Instruction]

Step 1. You need to provide the following information to have your AT&T iPhone factory unlocked:

  • IMEI code
  • Your Email
  • Your iPhone model

Step 2. Tap on “Buy Now” option.

Step 3. Pay for the unlocking service using PayPal or with your credit card [choose “I do not have PayPal account” in this situation].

Step 4. Once we receive your payment you will send your unlock request to AT&T. You can cancel your order at this point.

Step 5. Look into your email since we will send a walkthrough how you can complete AT&T iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 unlock via iTunes.

About Factory Unlock

There are a lot of pros of factory unlock for AT&T iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 and other models. We have described all the benefits you get below:

  • Our service for factory AT&T iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 unlock is the cheapest on the internet
  • You get permanent iPhone unlock from AT&T
  • The solution is official
  • Factory unlock supports all iOS versions
  • Unlock is good for any iPhone model / baseband / bootloader
  • Your smartphone warranty from Apple is kept after factory unlock is done
  • Unlock makes it possible to change SIMs cards and connect to all GSM carriers across the world [the device will still work with AT&T]
  • No more roaming fees as you can use local SIM cards while travelling
  • The unlock is distant meaning you need only internet connection and PC / Mac to unlock AT&T iPhone
  • The process is safe, it doesn’t install any software and doesn’t hard the handset
  • Factory unlocked iPhone can be synced, restored and updated using iTunes [it will stay unlocked, there will be no need to re-unlock it since it won’t get locked ever again]
  • You can safely upgrade to the future iOS versions without problems
  • We offer Money Back guarantee in case the AT&T iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 stays locked after unlock [when you were eligible for the service]

AT&T Unlock iPhone Service List

  • Unlock iPhone at&t

    Models: 6S, 6SPlus,SE,6,6Plus,5S,5C,5

    Country: USA

    Carrier: AT&T

    IMEI: Blacklisted

    Price: $148

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    Unlock iPhone AT&T

    Models: 7,7Plus,6S,6S Plus,iPhone SE

    Country: USA

    Carrier: AT&T

    IMEI: Clean

    Price: $9.99

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    Unlock iPhone at&t

    Models: 7, 7 Plus

    Country: USA

    Carrier: AT&T

    IMEI: Blacklisted

    Price: $155

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    Unlock iPhone AT&T

    Models: 6,6Plus,5S,5C,5,4S,4

    Country: USA

    Carrier: AT&T

    IMEI: Clean

    Price: $6.99

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    Unlock iPhone




    IMEI: Clean

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  • Unlock iPhone




    IMEI: Clean

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